Scratch Lab 1


Lab Overview

This lab focused on geometry and the programming of points into Scratch. My sprite needed to draw a square, a regular hexagon, and a regualar triangle all in succesion.

My Solution

My solution involved using the pen program on scratch and taking measurements of a regular squeare, hexagon, and regular triangle, and using the ratios of the side lengths to program the points onto a coordinate plane. This was my hardest project to accomplish but it ended up looking very good. Remembering to put the pen down and up is cruical to making the shapes look good.


Lab Overview

This lab involved creating a hexagon out of 6 different sprites.

My solution

My solution involved programming six different sprites to 6 different locations that geometrically create a hexagon on a coordinate plane. My sprites were quite large so I had to rotate "football player" towards the center and rotate "Amon" towards "D-money hip-hop"'

Simple Motion

Lab Overview

The simple motion problem involves rotating the sprite while moving it to four corners on a coordinate plane

My Solution

This was the most simple of the assignments. I pointed the sprite in certain directions and moved it to the coordinates by plugging them into the move sprite function.

Question 1

I clicked on the propeller simulator remix aniamation. I recognized the loop funcitons, but I did not recognize his data functions like "set throttle"

Question 2

The Scratch Scene is 172,800 pixels, 480 by 360.

Question 3

The center of the scratch sceen is x=0, y=0

Question 4

The main units of measurement are pixels, beats, seconds, loudness, and degrees

Question 5

You can have infinite sprites but only one stage at a time. Like theatre, there is only one stage but can be as many actors as possible.